Top 10 New Products From Global Pet Expo 2019

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo showcases the latest and greatest products for pets and their parents. Check out our top new products from Global Pet Expo 2019.

I often say I have the best job ever, and that’s because I get to look for the best pet products for our furry family members. Global Pet Expo offers a super opportunity for finding those because it’s miles of pet products and the people behind them–and I love learning about the passions behind the products.

There were so many great new products debuted this year, it was hard to choose. Tough life, but somebody’s gotta live it! Here are our picks for top new products.

1. My Pet * My Scent

We loved this award-winning, non-toxic calming tool for furbabies. Why? Because the technology behind it came from doing the same for humans. We spoke to Mark Theno, who is the president of Bioesse Technologies, and he told us they found success in their calming patches in babies who suffered from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome at the University of Kentucky. They figured the patches could do similar for pets and they created My Pet * My Scent. It uses 100% clean organic Hemp oil, organic essential oils and the best? Your scent. The special pad goes on your dog’s collar and helps calm them with your own scent too. And they’re trial running a product for cats too, which you rarely find.

2. Bernie’s Perfect Poop

We got to talk to Jim Finnigan, the president of Bernie’s Perfect Poop, and loved that he and his wife Christie designed it to help their own dog, Bernie. They know the importance of good gut health in humans and transferred that to working on something that combined all the elements of good gut health for their Bernie. Instead of having to uses several different products to give your dog a good microbiome, they’ve combined natural fibers, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to give dogs better health, better immunity and of course, better poop. I brought some home for my own pups and guess what? They could eat the crisps alone, they love the taste so much! Good taste and better poop? Yes please!

3. iKud dle

So this might be the coolest cat box you’ve ever seen. Probably the smartest, too. It has an Infrared Sensor System that gathers info on when your cat goes in and then you get all that data sent straight to your mobile device. Which means you can access it and control it from anywhere. Oh, and did we mention that it is not only self-cleaning, but it has an auto-litter packing system. Every time your cat does her business, the auto-packing function cleans the waste in a bag and leaves it neatly waiting for you to take care of it at your convenience. From the touch of a button. Amazing.

4. The Barrett Ball

On a search for toys for aggressive chewers, I got to meet the awesome James and Amanda Hayes, founders of The Barrett Ball. James is a several-times combat veteran whose service dog Barrett found no toy a match for his chewing. Hence The Barrett Ball, a virtually indestructible ball made of solid layers of rubber. It has a 100% lifetime guarantee, and get this–Ethical Pets donates 100% of the profits to the organization from which Barrett came– Dogs4Warriors. It’s a no-brainer dog toy and will be available in May.

5. Gopher Cap

This is a neat little diddy that came from the “It’s a great idea for humans; what about pets?” bin and it’s pretty smart. This unique bottle and cap allows pet owners (and vets) to appropriately manage their pet’s health and medicines with the GopherCap Smart Tracker. It tracks the medication history and you know how you wonder if you gave your pet it’s medicine that day? One scan with your smart device and the GopherCap lets you know because it’s recorded each opening and helps track dosages. Genius.

6. My Cat BackPack

So we admit it. We love this backpack because who doesn’t want their cat (or small dog?) to look like an astronaut as it’s riding in style on our backs? Now there’s a The Fat Cat backpack in case your kitty is a little on the fluffy side. (No judging, just cool carrying!)

7. MusicMutz Comfort Collar

This calming collar would also be great for pets traveling in car rides or on airplanes because it brings high quality, specifically created music just to calm your pet down right to them in a comforting collar. The music was specifically composed to calm pets down and for occasions like thunder or fireworks, let the music calm them down, drug-free.

8. Foldable DIY Dog Crate

How cool is this? It’s a foldable dog crate that allows you to design/paint it any way you like. Your whole family can get in on welcoming new fur family members and it’s completely unique to your pet.

9. Pet House Wax Melt

How often would you like to use those cool ceramic warmers you have but you don’t want to have the toxins of traditional wax or fragrances? Neither are good for you or your pets, and that’s why we loved the Pet House Wax Melts. They’re adorably shaped and made from soy and use essential oils for the amazing scents. Feel safe using wax melts around your kids–human and furry alike.

10. TugNBrush

This was by far the best thing at Global. We know we need to take care of our dog’s teeth, but let’s be real…it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. Enter TugNBrush. All you have to do is play with your dog. No, seriously, that’s what inventor Samuel Wright purposed the TugNBrush to be. You already play tug with your dog, right? So he made a tug toy with unique, patented features that brush your dog’s teeth at the same time. There is literally nothing out there like this on the market, but now that they’ve brought it? Get ready to watch brushing your teeth be a whole new (super enjoyable) gig.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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