Adoptable Dogs Rescue Celebs on New “Shelter Me” TV Series

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
If you love stories with a happy ending, you’ll want to watch “Shelter Me.” This season, actors Allison Janney and Kristen Bell share their heartwarming tales.

If you think you’ve used your lot of hankies rooting for your favorite athlete in the 2016 Summer Olympics, we might suggest you hang on to that box of hankies just a little bit longer.

On August 26, KECT out of Burbank, California will premier their new series, “Shelter Me,” and we don’t think there will be a dry eye after watching this inspiring series!

Actors and well-known animal lovers Allison Janney and Kristen Bell will be narrating (we’d tell you they’d be starring, but really, the animals steal the show!) the stories of various shelter animals. They’ll introduce you to people from all walks of life who unite and come together for the sake of the amazing shelter pets you’ll also meet. The series chronicles various animals and shelters from across the country, and the often unusual situations in which shelter dogs find themselves adopted.

We of course know that there’s nothing like the love and affection of a furry family member, but this show will allow everyone to have a small glimpse in the difference adopted pets make in the lives of their owners—and how everyone from prison inmates to decorated war heroes make such a difference in the life of a shelter animal.

Though you can find this show online if you are not in the SoCal area, KCET has designed a new MemberCard program that will allow MemberCard members exclusive discounts at several local retailers who have shown commitment to supporting and loving your furry friends with you, and that’s always a win-win situation!

Whether you are in the area or find it online, be sure to check out the premier on August 26. You will be inspired by the dozens of people who volunteer their time and efforts to train and transport dogs out of the shelter lives they lead and bring them to their forever homes.

But be sure to remember the tissues – you’ll want a stack of them when those puppies give licks of gratitude to the people who are changing their lives.

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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