Adorable Puppies Crash Bachelor Party In The Best Way Ever!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
So… THIS is what goes down at a bachelor party! Taking a cue from “Bridesmaids” bridal shower, the groom and his buddies brought home a homeless pooch and her pups.

These days couples are opting for some unusual ways to have bridal showers and bachelor parties. Some throw ‘Stock the Bar,’ Parties and others take elaborate diving trips. One bachelor bunch from Michigan ended up having a party they never planned on!

Michael Craddock, the groom-to-be, took his groomsmen on a rough and tough ATV-riding trip in the woods of Tennessee. It started off in the typical way, riding around, hanging out and draining their beer fund.

One morning, they were cooking bacon, and letting some fresh air in with the door open. Lo and behold, a stray dog, obviously malnourished and dehydrated, came to the door (as dogs tend to do when there’s food around!). She wouldn’t come inside, but clearly seemed interested on the goings-on in the cabin. The men jumped to give her some food and water, hoping to entice her in, and nicknamed her ‘Annie,’ after Little Orphan Annie. They couldn’t believe how quickly Annie lapped up the food and water, and felt like they just couldn’t turn their backs on her.

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Every time they’d go into town, or go riding, they’d come back and see Annie sitting under one of their trucks or near their doorstep, and she seemed intent that the wedding party was her new tribe. As they got to know Annie more, they realized that she was producing milk, even as thin as she was, and realized she must have puppies nearby.

They were not wrong. Not far from the cabin, they found seven puppies, all looking fat and happy. Craddock said that it was clear that she sacrificed all she’d had to keep her puppies healthy, and they were really proud of her. As the men checked the puppies, Annie also did, nuzzling them, but looking to the men as if to say she was okay with them helping a Mama out.

Craddock, a dog lover who proposed to his bride-to-be with a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, knew he couldn’t let Annie and her pups down, so he and his groomsmen decided they’d find homes for them all. He didn’t really plan on keeping any himself, but his intended Mrs. insisted, and he kept one of the seven puppies.

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His other groomsmen also took a puppy, and his grandparents took not only one of the puppies, but Annie too. Mama and all her babies, were named Brimmie, Rosie, Knox, Gunner, Daisy, Finn and Bear luckily live within five miles of each other in their new furever digs, and get to visit with each other often. Craddock says that Annie still is a great mom and loves playing with her pups when she sees them.

Does somebody have a tissue? Our eyes are sweating.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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