“Bachelor” Puppies Ask If You’re The One? [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A litter of puppies up for adoption in Fort Collins named after contestants from the hit show “The Bachelor” are looking for their forever homes and wondering: Will you be their new family?

There’s being a fan of a show, and then there’s being a fan of a show. Anyaleen Bradley and MarLee Johnson are mega-fans of the show “The Bachelor. So much so that the litter of puppies they are fostering while they wait for their forever homes has been named after contestants on the show, and these bitches mean business…when it comes to being adorable!

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Bounce Animal Rescue in Fort Collins, Colorado saved mama JoJo and her “Bachelor Litter,” and Bradley and Johnson are fostering the sweethearts and mama. Unlike their alter-egos who like to pull the claws out, these pups are simply precious!

The idea to name the puppies and organize a photo shoot for adoption was the idea of the pair, big fans of the show who were looking for a unique way to get potential adopters to notice them and perhaps bring them home.

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These co-ed bachelor/bachelorettes are adoptable, and in what is most likely to be the most dramatic adoption event ever, will be available to look at (and bring home!) this Saturday if you’re in the area of Pet Supplies Plus in Fort Collins.COLORADOAN- Embed Player

Our guess is that while they may appreciate a rose, a treat or dog toy will probably win the heart of any of them over just as well! So if you’re in it for all the right reasons, are looking to make life-long friends and think you’ll fall in love…they’re waiting on you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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