Airline Loses Family’s Emotional Support Dog

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On August 27, Jonathon Rolon boarded a flight to Paraguay, accompanied by his family’s emotional support dog, Logan. However, while his owner reached the destination, the chocolate labradoodle was nowhere to be found. LATAM Airlines, a Chile-based airline company, managed to lose the family’s beloved pet, who has been missing ever since.

According to the company’s officials, Logan was not boarded on the flight due to unknown issues with a ramp. While the fact that the airline failed to board the dog on the flight is bad enough, it only gets worse from there. Instead of notifying the family or providing an appropriate solution for their pet’s safety, there are claims that they gave the dog to one of their workers who took him home, from where Logan managed to escape. Now, Logan’s owner is back in New York, frantically trying to locate his own dog in the worker’s neighborhood.

While the company has expressed their deepest regrets at the way the situation had unfolded and now claim that they’re trying to help find the dog by offering a reward and putting up posters around the airport, it doesn’t change the fact that yet another airline company failed the trust of a pet-owning family.

The case of missing emotional support is just the latest in the string of pet-related accidents and mishaps that have happened this year on various flights. From a dog who suffocated on a United Airlines flight to pets getting mistakenly sent half a world away from their owners, it seems that poor pets have the worst luck when it comes to air travel.

Hopefully, Logan won’t be another devastating case of airline neglect and this story will have a happy end. What’s more, this unfortunate situation should be a lesson to the airlines, as well, prompting them to step up their game when it comes to service they provide to pets and their owners.