Brazil’s First Lady Marcela Temer Jumps In a Lake to Save a Dog

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For any pet parent, securing their fur baby’s happiness and safety is high on their list of priorities. And when something that threatens that happens, adrenaline may take over and cause us to do crazy things- which is what happened a few days ago at the presidential palace in Brasilia.

As BBC reports, Marcela Temer, spouse of the current president of Brazil, was walking about the presidential palace estate when her pooch decided to go and inspect the lake from up close. Picoly, who is a Jack Russel Terrier, dove in the water but couldn’t swim back to the land, prompting his owner to go into the lake after him. Not even the fact that she was fully clothed at the moment made any difference to the First Lady, who managed to bravely rescue her pooch from a potentially fatal fate.

Temer was not alone at the moment of the accident, as her 8-year old son and a security agent were in her company at the time. The security agent flat out refused to help save Picoly, which lead to him being fired as soon as Picoly was safely out of the water.

The First Lady of Brazil is a dog lover through and through: in addition to the mischievous Jack Russel Terrier Picoly, the presidential family has a Golden Retriever (appropriately) named Thor.

While Temer’s act is undeniably brave and praise-worthy, RSPCA warns people that rescuing animals from water can put their own lives in danger, and that they shouldn’t do it. Of course, knowing how devoted and fierce pet parents and animal lovers are, I’m not that sure that the warnings will stick.