Celebrating National Dress Your Pet Up Day With Some Celebrity Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Did you know that January 14 is National Dress Your Pet Up Day? Well, it is…and we decided to share some pics of our favorite Instagram Celebri-Pets in their oh-so-stylish (and hilarious) duds!

Chloe The MiniFrenchie definitely knows how to give a bit of ooh-la-la to the everyday Troll look, and also makes it known she’s all about including all during the holidays!

JiffPom clearly is da omb.com when it comes to adorableness in outfits!

Chloe Kardoggian always has it going on with the latest style (and tongue!).

Gracious, does our therapy dog friend Norbert The Dog know how woo us with those eyes…and again, more tongue!

We are pretty sure that if there were ever a dog to rival Anderson Cooper in the suave, canine division, it would have to be the Menswear Dog!

Voted by Vogue as one of the ‘Best Dogs of Instagram,” we can clearly see why– Lola The Frenchie Puppy’s ability to rock the camera says it all!

Touting himself as ‘the master of disguise,’ Maymo The Dog has us wondering where he even is. We just see some adorable cat and elephant buddies hanging out. Anyone seen Maymo?

Yes, there are other pets in this world than dogs. Clearly, Coby The Cat thinks you’re a dog-biased jerk who can’t appreciate a cat in a Pikachu or pirate costume….oh, but we can, Coby…we can!

And…it’s important to remember that companion pets come in forms other than cat and dog! Instagram’s popular Wally and Molly tear the rabbit scene up, yo!

Hey, buddy, it’s National Dress Your Pet Up Day, not National Dress Like Your Pet Day! We’ll let it slide, Topher Brophy!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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