Chihuahua May Break World Record With Birth of 11 Puppies [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A rescued chihuahua in Kansas gave birth to 11 puppies on National Puppy Day, possibly breaking a world record!

They say big things come in small packages, and that’s certainly the case for a very little rescue dog in Olathe, Kansas. The chihuahua gave birth to 11 puppies last week, surprising foster mom Josie Brown.

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Momma LOL and 11 chihuahua puppies!

We are so proud of momma LOL and her world record-breaking 11 puppies.Today the local news visited her! People magazine contacted us to cover her story as well as Inside Edition. She has handled all of the media attention like a pro and her foster family is truly amazing!Please continue to share her special rescue story!

Posted by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Brown is fostering the mama dog and said of the birthing process that they just kept coming and coming. She said that even after four puppies were born, her stomach was still round and they knew there had to be more puppies in there.

Unleashed Rescue Group in Kansas is the organization working with the incredible mama, and now her puppies, and said that the Brown family kept giving updates as the puppies were born. Danielle Reno is with Unleashed Pet Rescue and says that when the organization got the update the mama had already had ten puppies, they nearly had a heart attack.

All eleven puppies were born healthy, and the rescue says it’ll be about ten weeks before the pups will be available for adoption. Their mama was heroic, as she came from a horrible hoarding situation, and has so lovingly taken care to see her puppies are well.

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Brown says that the number of puppies born is a record-breaking number, and the organization is looking into whether it’s a world record, as they believe it might be.

Welcome to the world, puppies. Your mama is something else!

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