Dog Finds A New Home and Job After Hurricane Matthew [Video]

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In natural disaster situations, pets are sorely affected. Many times, owners flee with just the clothes on their backs, or are not able to get their pets before something separates them. Pets can be left in the aftermath wondering what happened to all they’ve ever known.

In October 2016, Charlotte, NC Animal control personnel were out looking for animals affected by Hurricane Matthew. At the time they were looking, the dangerous flood waters were still a threat, and many dogs were left behind–at least 200. A little brown dog who wouldn’t give up followed the rescue trucks, and animal control officer Scott Kisch said she would not let up.

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She was so desperate for rescue that when they stopped, she jumped in the truck, as if to say, “I am NEVER doing that again!” and then she passed out, peacefully sleeping on the floor for the rest of the day.

Officer Kisch shared a video and it went viral, along with the hashtag #LittleBrownDog. Staffers at the shelter she was taken to tried to find her owners to no avail, so they contacted the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control to see if maybe they knew of any homes for the dog.

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Renamed Charlotte, after the city her rescuers live in, her friends at Animal Control were so impressed with her determination and perseverance that they adopted her themselves!

Charlotte has a new home and a new job–going to schools to help teach children how to properly interact with dogs. Animal Control is sad that she didn’t wasn’t able to be reunited with her original family, but she is loved by her new rescue family – and they think of her as their little rainbow at the end of the storm.