Dog Food Drama Over as Purina and Blue Buffalo Settle Lawsuits

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Fights are messy. It doesn’t matter if you’re best friends or huge dog food company rivals – once the fingers are pointed, no one wants to back down first (or a least admit to it). So we may never know who folded first – Nestle Purina PetCare and Blue Buffalo Co.  One thing we do know is that they’ve finally settled the false advertising lawsuits they filed against each other.

The fight is finally over – on Thursday, November 3, Blue Buffalo and Nestlé Purina shook paws and asked the court to dismiss the claims between the two parties.  But Blue Buffalo will continue to prosecute its legal claims against the third-party suppliers of ingredients.

No financial terms were disclosed in the settlement, so we may never know how much money (if any) changed hands. And we’re also sure that it doesn’t mean Purina and Blue Buffalo are besties, which means they’ll still talk smack about the other’s dog food behind each other’s back. That’s so high school!

The drama started in 2014, when Purina filed suit, claiming that tests showed Blue Buffalo used chicken by-products in some food, even though the label said it didn’t include any by-products. Blue Buffalo denied the claim and filed a countersuit that accused Purina of false advertising and unfair competition practices.