Dog Retrieves Drowning Baby Deer, Saving Fawn’s Life [Video]

This totally heartwarming story about a dog that saves a baby deer from drowning is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

There are plenty of stories out there about humans rescuing dogs. However, this story turns the tables, this dog becomes the rescuer, saving the life of a baby deer. Here at, of course love pets. But we do love wild animals too and who can resist a little baby Bambi with their big eyes! So imagine how awful it would be to see one drowning!

In comes Storm the Wonder Dog

This is what happened when Mark Freeley took his golden retriever Storm out for a walk in Long Island Sound. Storm didn’t hesitate. Storm is some sort of superhero dog for sure. He jumped straight into the water and headed for the fawn. He gently grabbed the baby by the neck and pulled her to the shore.

The story doesn’t end there. Storm didn’t simply drop the fawn like a stick he’d fetched. No, he sat by the fawn, tending to her, nudging her, trying to get her up. Mark Freeley immediately called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League who soon arrived on the scene.

Oh no! It all goes wrong!

But suddenly the fawn gets spooked and runs back out into the water! Determined to help the little mite, Mark, and Frank Florida from the Strong Island Animal Rescue League wade into the water to rescue the baby. Armed with rope and a lot patience, eight minutes later the fawn is safe on the beach again. Storm anxiously watched the whole rescue.

Panic over, she’s safe

The fawn was taken to the rescue center where she is now resting after her ordeal. She’s being treated for ticks and she has an injury to her eye, but it’s highly likely she will make a full recovery, thanks to the speedy reactions of Storm!

Emily Hutchinson
Emily Hutchinson

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