Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Just call it Barkwatch–a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.’s East Yorkshire!

In East Yorkshire, UK, dogs are being recruited and trained to save the lives of people drowning off the coast of Hornsea. The Inshore Rescue team is utilizing the innate rescue traits that Newfoundland Terriers and Spaniels seem to have, by training them to help human guards watch the waters and save those who may have difficulties in the water.

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The canine team also includes a German Shepherd and some Labrador retrievers, and they’ve trained for months to help get ready for the real-life dangers they may encounter on the sea.

Chris Clark is with the Hornsea Inshore Rescue and he said that they train the dogs to swim behind the person in need of help so that the person can hold onto them and be carried back to the safe shore by the dog. Newfoundlands particularly are skilled at carrying links that have four or five people, but the other breeds pul their own weight as well.

The dogs all come from a specialist center in Welton, UK, and practiced many of this summer’s days on the beach of Hornsea.

are been run at Please contact us through our Website for more information

— Hornsea Rescue (@hornsea_rescue) September 8, 2017

The Rescue Center is also hosting a dog first-aid day this month so that pet owners can learn how to pay it back should an emergency occur for their pet. The course will be held on October 22, and anyone who completes the course will receive a training certificate.

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Clark says that Hornsea is such a dog-friendly place, they want to not only help humans but help the dogs of Hornsea as well, however that help may be needed. The course will teach things like how to help a dog cool down if it’s overheated or maybe ingested something it shouldn’t have. They just want to keep all their citizens safe!

Lori Ennis
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