Deer-Chasing Doggo Taken Into Custody, Charged With Being Hilarious

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It’s not something any dog lover wants to see: her beloved dog carted away in a police car after there are reports of him attacking deer.

But it’s what Ontario dog mama Emme Thompsonn saw this week, as her boy Finn was taken away after the alleged attacks.

Thompsonn says that Finn may actually have been guilty, as he is an exceptionally good boy who has a slight deer issue, but still, she wasn’t sure that his behavior should have landed him on a trip to the big house.

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Thompsonn took pictures of her Finn being taken away, and then posted on social media, saying that though she knew it was a serious issue, she was just a bit verklempt about poor Finn’s state.

To see the picture, you honestly almost don’t believe that this innocent looking boy is behind bars. But he was, and the post took the Internet by storm! Nearly 700,000 people have liked the picture, with a majority airing their support for the young deer-fighter and his mama. Some have said that Finn’s temporary deterrent was because of Thompsonn’s inability to control Finn, but as someone who continually has deer destroying my garden? I’m #TeamFinn all the way.

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So is most of the Internet, who responded with their own social media posts that had us practically peeing our pants over this bad-to-the-bone image of this clearly angelic-looking dog.

Some were willing even to help take Finn into hiding if necessary!

The plays on words were flying….

And in the end, Thompsonn said Finn was just given a warning and allowed back home. Are we guessing that may be called Paw-role?