Dog Retrieves Emergency Help For His Human After Car Crash

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Montana man who fell asleep at the wheel of his truck has a furry passenger who was riding shotgun to thank for his survival!

Larry Robinson, of Hamilton, Montana, was driving and fell asleep at the wheel. Though he survived the initial impact, he was seriously wounded and in need of immediate help. Lucky for him, he had a faithful passenger–his dog Oso–who realized Larry was hurt and went to get help.

Thankfully, there was a convenience store nearby. After Oso got out of the wreckage, he ran to the store, where a passenger in a waiting car noticed him. Bonnie Widder was waiting for her husband to come out of the store and saw Oso, thinking that it was really too cold for any dog to be outside. When her husband got back to the car, she asked if he’d seen the dog, as she was worried about him.

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The couple could see that he was shivering, and acting nervous and skittish. They decided to look around the area to see if anyone nearby was looking for him. In their search, they found a car upside down, and Robinson wounded, bleeding, and unconscious in the snow. They immediately called 911 and helped him until rescue services arrived and whisked him away to the hospital.

Robinson was treated and recovered after 12 days in ICU. Considering the severity of his injuries and the remote location where the crash occurred, there’s no doubt that he has Oso to thank for his survival!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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