Lucky Dogs Rescued After Starting House Fire While Stealing Treats

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A pet owner’s nightmare had a (thankfully) happy ending as first responders in Massachusetts rescued pets who had started a fire when one tried to steal a treat.

I have watched this video probably 100 times already and every.single.time, it gives me anxiety! A smart and initiative-taking pup decided to help himself to some pancakes that were left on the stove top when his humans left the house.

Problem was, in reaching up and grabbing the flapjacks, the dog also moved the knob on the gas stove, hit the ignite button and inadvertently created a fire.

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The video shows the fire getting bigger and bigger, and the poor doggos not really knowing what to do, particularly when the smoke alarm went off. They found places on the sofa and watched, and the hover-mother in me has a heart attack watching that and thinking about what would have happened if the responders hadn’t come.

Thankfully, the Southwick Massachusetts Fire Department was able to come to their rescue, and they’ve used the human’s home security video showing how it all happened as a safety video on Facebook. The department says it always cautions people about putting things on stoves anyway, but suggests that homes with pets or young children need to have safety covers on stove controls.

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I won’t lie. This terrifies me because we still have a puppy who gets crated while we are out of the house. If something were to happen, I’d want to be sure the responders knew to look for her. We’ve just moved to this house, and this video moved me to order these Pet Safety Stickers from Petco. They’re inexpensive, and raise flags to let responders know to look for your pets in the event of an emergency.

And as this video shows–you never know what’s going to turn into an emergency. Better to be safe than sorry!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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