Follow Your Pet Around When You’re Not There With The VAVA Pet Cam

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The first-ever mobile pet kit has been released, and we love how it lets you hang with your pet, wherever he is, no matter where you are!

Award-winning technology design company VAVA wanted to make the live of pet owners easier, and to help them feel more connected to their pets when they had to be separated. That’s why they launched their VAVA Mobile Pet Cam in an already successful Indiegogo campaign, and we have to tell you, it’s pretty cool!

It’s the first-ever pet camera that actually lets you follow along with your pet rather than remain in a stationary position. It lets pet parents see their pets anywhere they go, and allows them to interact with them remotely. According to the company, nearly 75% of pet owners worry about leaving their pets alone–whether it’s a quick trip to the store or a day at work. Now, with the Vava Pet Cam, it’s *almost* like you can bring your pet with you.

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Pet parents can download the app and pair with their Android or iOS device and the rest is history. The VAVA Pet Cam features built-in wheels with treads that make it able to travel on all surfaces–carpet and hardwood floors alike–easily and worry-free. The camera is a 1080p high definition camera and the two-way audio not only lets you interact with your pet via voice, but acts as a treat-dispenser as well. It’s almost like an electric nanny that you can check in with whenever you need.

And if you’re worried your pet is bored while you’re gone, you can take your lunch break to play with him! The VAVA Pet Cam has feather teasers and laser pointers that even allow you to stimulate your pet’s brain from miles away.

York Wu is the CEO of VAVA and says the mission of VAVA is to create innovative products that make life simpler. As a cat owner, Wu knows that traditional pet cams often leave questions about where the kitty is when she’s hiding under a bed or in a blind spot behind the curtains. Wu says the VAVA Pet Cam puts his mind at ease and believes it will do so for pet parents everywhere.

We love that the bark alert is two-way audio, so you can hear any time your pet barks and check out what he’s checking out, and the 120-degree angle lens is even equipped with infrared night vision. There are intelligent collision detection sensors that protect the camera from walls (and pets) and can even help prevent the VAVA Pet Cam from tumbling down the stairs. The full charge will last eight hours with active play (hello workday) and up to seven days on standby. Best, there is a free gigabyte of cloud storage for all the pictures the Pet Cam captures and you’ll be able to get your pet fix whenever you need!

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The Indiegogo launched and the VAVA Pet Cam is available for pre-order at $149 (MSRP is $299) and should be delivered in February of 2019. But don’t let that stop you–every pet parent is going to want this and the campaign is already half-funded–go order now and create the IOU for every pet lover’s holiday stocking.

Be sure to get one for yourself while you’re at it!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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