French Photographer Takes Hilarious Photos of His Dog Dressed As Madon

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
This pooch might have stolen the famous singer’s most memorable looks, but you can’t say he’s a copycat!

Cone bra, boy toy belt, pink satin dress, gorgeous golden locks… Can you guess who I’m talking about? If you thought Madonna, you’re only partly right: the Queen of Pop has the cutest copycat (or is it copydog?) we’ve ever seen, and his name is Max. Pardon, Maxdonna.

In a series of hilarious photos, Max can be seen recreating the famous singer’s iconic looks, and the similarity is striking. And no, it’s not just that this handsome hound boasts silky golden waves as Madonna or that he captures her alluring look perfectly. It’s also the attention to the details, that should be credited to Max’s dad, Vincent Flouret, who happens to be an amazing photographer and a big fan of the pop singer.

Flouret was not only the one taking pictures of his adorable Golden Retriever, he also made all the costumes and the sets for the photo shoots. Yes, you read it right, these authentic outfits are all handmade- he had to hand-sew over 700 sequins on one jacket alone!

Oh, and if you’re worried that all this dressing up and posing is bothering Max, don’t be. The 6-year-old pooch has been in front of his dad’s camera for years, and he’s no stranger to wearing costumes. In fact, he gets to play with them weeks before wearing them, just so he could be comfy when he needs to strike a pose. A real pro!

No wonder that Madonna herself was impressed by this posing pooch and had to share one of the covers on her Instagram page. After all, it’s not like Maxdonna is trying to steal the spotlight from the Queen of Pop; his adorable and hilarious photoshoot is actually for a good cause. All of the prints are currently on views at L’Agence Arlesienne in Arles, France, with signed prints available for sale- and all the proceeds will be donated to Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi.

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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