Game Of Thrones Leads To Increased Surrenders Of Husky Dogs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The popular show Game of Thrones is proving to be un-pup-ular for Huskies, as rescue clubs in California report an exponential increase in surrenders of the breed.

Game of Thrones fans love all things GOT. Including their beloved “ Direwolves,” which look an awful lot like Huskies. Patty Lacava has two huskies and lives in the San Francisco area.

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She says that since Game of Thrones has been on television, it’s like her dogs are celebrities, and everyone wants to have photos with them as she’s just taking her leisurely walks with them. LaCava says that Game of Thrones uses a type of sled dog–Inuits–as a stand in for the Direwolves, which are with the House of Stark.

The Bay Area Siberian Husky Club says that since HBO debuted the show, there is a huge boom in the popularity of the breed, but many don’t know what all is entailed when it comes to having Huskies as pets. They estimate a jump of about 300 percent increase in Husky adoptions since the show started.

Huskies need lots of exercise and require tremendous amounts of space and focus on making sure they are good family members. Most who are looking to adopt Huskies simply don’t know how involved the training and maintaining of a Husky is, and end up surrendering them.

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It’s important that anyone contemplating a Husky knows that they are high energy dogs–we’re talking running five to ten miles a day– and that there is much more to them than what they see on television shows. Most Husky groups and rescues will offer opportunities for dogs to get together and get their energies out, as well as give Husky owners resources for helping them to be the loyal family dogs they can be–with the proper exercise and training, of course.

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Lori Ennis
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