George Clooney Adopts Unadoptable Mutt for His Parents

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Welcome to the family… and the celebrity life! After months of rejection, once unadoptable Nate the Terrier is finally getting the love he deserves – from the parents of A-list celebrity, George Clooney!

Nothing hurts shelter staff quite as much as a lovable pup who can’t seem to get adopted because of a birth defect.

Meet Nate: a sweet little terrier who was born with a barrel chest and a leg that swayed to the point where he walked a little bit like a hyena. Nate was rescued by LuvFurMutts, an Ohio- based animal rescue. It was a sad case of hoarding – the house contained 22 dogs, and LuvFurMutts took 11 of them.

Because of Nate’s defects, people would stare and children would point at Nate during adoption events. Every single person who applied to adopt Nate declined later when they met him face-to-face. The lowest point came when an adopter said that she would feel depressed for the rest of her life if she had to look at Nate every day. For nine months, Nate struggled to be adopted.

Little did this terrier know, a guardian angel was keeping a close eye on him.

George Clooney had been watching Nate’s videos and profile for quite some time. Clooney’s parents, Nick and Nina, had recently lost their own terrier of ten years and were finally ready to accept another furry friend into their lives. When George showed his parents Nate’s videos and profile, they absolutely fell in love with Nate. When George asked his father about Nate’s disabilities, Nick replied “I guess it sounds like he gets around just as good as we do anymore.”

George and his lawyer wife Amal secretly adopted Nate for his parents and had him delivered to his parents on Christmas Eve. Nina cried a bit in happiness when little Nate was put in her arms and they have never looked back. Knowing Nate is getting the love he deserves after so much rejection gives me some hope for humanity and hopefully we can all take something away from this act of kindness and acceptance.

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Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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