Graphic Design Student Creates Petflix Ads For Shows We’d Binge Watc

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Miami-based university student created a group of posters as part of an animal shelter campaign for a class assignment, and the final product has us wanting to binge-watch all the Petflix shows!

Gabrielle Vieira was assigned a project for her graphic design class in Miami that looked to created ads that would help a local animal shelter. The project was to get more people to follow the shelter on social media outlets, and the obvious–to gain pet adoption awareness and get more pets adopted.

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We’d have to say, “Mission Accomplished!” with respect to gaining awareness, as her campaign posters have gone viral! She used popular television shows and movies as her theme for a “Petflix” channel, and we have to say, these are the kinds of shows we’d tuck ourselves away all day to watch!

Vieira said she wanted to make sure the posters she designed looked as closely as they could to the shows she used original designs, and even says that at first, the animal shelter wasn’t as thrilled with her “Petflix” platform.

We’re betting they’ve changed their tune, though, as her original tweet has been retweeted over 25,000 times, and the pictures are going viral!

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And how could they not? Dogs as television stars for popular hit shows? Winning!

That’s an A+++ job, Gabrielle! We’d watch them all!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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