Greek Cafe Opens Doors to Homeless Dogs at Night

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Greece can be a harsh place for stray dogs – the temperature can drop drastically at night. A cafe decided to open its doors after hours so strays have a warm place to sleep.

I’m a foodie and whenever I think of Greece I think of pungent, dark, kalamata olives, thick slabs of feta cheese and ouzo – bottles and bottles of ouzo! I also think of warm beaches, sparkling ocean waters and heat – lots of heat!

Though I nailed it when it comes to the country’s culinary culture it came as a complete surprise to learn that Greece isn’t your typical year-round hot spot. It has winters that can see temperatures drop to 0 degrees overnight and make for a pretty miserable existence if you don’t have a warm place to bed down for the night.

Enter one out-of-the-box thinking café on the Mytilene port of, Lesvos called the Hott Spot. The aptly named eatery has just made my bucket list because they recognized that area strays were being left to the elements on some pretty chilly nights. For the past couple of years, after their customers leave and the dishes are cleared, the café opens its doors to the four-legged locals, allowing them to climb up onto the sofas and banquettes to crash for the night. Forget doggie bags, these are just bagged doggies!

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According to Eustratios Papanis, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of the Aegean the catalyst behind this and other simple acts of kindness in the region may be the more than 800,000 Syrian refugees who have crossed to Greece through Lesvos. Papanis senses that the hospitality the island’s residents have extended to the refugees may have spilled over to the stray dogs – many of whom are victims of the country’s economic woes where pet parents are financially unable to keep their pooch.

Way to go Hott Spot – we love what you’re serving up.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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