Happy Ending For Bi-Ped Puppy Mill Rescue

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A rescued puppy mill dog with two legs is living a life with the happiest of endings, after his new dad travelled across the country to bring him to his forever home.

Puppy mill animals suffer unmentionable trauma. Such was the case for one mama who was most likely crated (in a crate way too small) with a litter of her puppies. The trauma the mama had endured in the mill drove her to killing all her puppies but one, though she chewed that surviving pup’s back paws off.

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It’s a heartwrenching story with an ending that brings us to tears. That puppy was rescued, with just his two paws, right before he was set to be euthanized. His foster name was Nubz, most fitting as that’s how he got around–on his sweet little nubs.

The story of his resiliency in light of such trauma in his beginning days has made him somewhat a celebri-pup, and his new dad has a Facebook group that shares Nubz’s amazing life and story.

Jim Havlinek, from Salem,Oregon, had followed the story of the Chow/Husky Mix since his rescue. Havlinek says he wasn’t necessarily looking for another dog, but was inspired by Nubz’s perseverance. According to Havlinek, Nubz was rescued from a puppy mill in Wisconson, but the Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York was responsible for setting up the loving foster-care homes he lived in prior to his adoption. One of Nubz’s foster mamas contacted Havlinek and told him about Nubz and all he was going through.

Havlinek says that Nubz pulled at his heart, and he knew that it was expensive to provide for a dog who has needs like Nubz did. That’s what made it click with Havlinek–he knew he could help with the next set of prosthetics Nubz will need and give him the home he’d deserve. They will cost between $1,300 and $1,400 a piece, and he’ll continue to need them until he no longer outgrows them. Havlinek applied to adopt him and traveled cross country earlier this year to pick up his newest baby.

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Havlinek isn’t sure of his birthday, but is celebrating Nubz’s first this December. Havlinek himself is a pretty private person, but he’s proud to be involved in raising awareness about prosthetics and resources for people who have special needs dogs.

Havlinek says that you’d never know by Nubz’s sweet demeanor that he was a puppy mill dog, and he always has a smile on his face. Which just goes to show you how amazing dogs are, and how amazing people like Havlinek are when their open hearts pour out.

You can follow Nubz in his Facebook group, and see lots of others who are rooting Nubz and other rescued/special needs dogs on as well!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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