Heroic Military Dogs Saved From Euthanasia After Successful Online Cam

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The power of the people has come together to save three heroic English military dogs from lethal injection, and Special Agent Sergeant Andy McNabb is calling it a brilliant success story.

We recently shared the story of two former military dogs, Kevin and Dazz, who were slated to undergo euthanasia this week because officials had deemed them ‘unadoptable’ despite pleas from handlers and former soldiers alike who claimed that the effort hadn’t even been put in.

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Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan was angered because the dogs theoretically were not able to be homed, despite offers from former handlers to adopt them, and this included a third military dog named Driver. It was essentially the whim of military chiefs to put them down, despite the public and private outrage, and Special Agent Sargeant Andy McNabb even got involved to launch an online campaign to save them. Duncan also campaigned and wrote to the Ministry of Defence looking for a reprieve for the dogs. Duncan is a well-known dog lover and said in a tweet that even his dog Noodle agreed the hero dogs needed to be saved.

Hero dogs who saved lives in Afghanistan due to be put down in Melton's Defence Animal Centre in my constituency, though there are experienced handlers willing to look after them. Even my dog Noodle says "Save the army hero dogs!" https://t.co/nClBsTVeNR pic.twitter.com/dNfwPmRSwh

— Sir Alan Duncan MP (@AlanDuncanMP) December 1, 2017

Duncan now says that he’s thrilled the dogs will be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, as they had fought beside British soldiers so fearlessly in their service.

The dogs are currently based in a Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, which is the area that Sir Alan represents, and he says that while it is important to assess all dogs before rehoming, they should only be put down when there is danger properly proven.

Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson visited the dogs and officially confirmed that he told his department to save the dogs and look at charities or programs that will rehome them with a handler. He assures the public that the dogs will be parts of families soon.

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McNabb’s online petition garnered over 370,000 signatures (mine included!) and praised the people for saving the service dogs who saved so many lives. He claimed it was only because of dogs like Kevin and Dazz and Driver he lived, and is thrilled they are all being rehomed.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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