SAS Andy McNabb Joins British Handlers To Save Military Dogs From Deat

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
While canine military service members bravely serve the men and women in uniform with which they work, it turns out that top UK military officials often can’t be bothered to return that sacrifice and are planning to euthanize two Army dogs next week.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. As a military spouse and dog lover, the planned euthanasia of two Belgian Shepherds who saved thousands of lives while they were in service in Afghanistan makes me furious.

The two dogs, Kevin and Dazz, were IED-sniffing dogs who were part of deadly missions in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan before they were retired. Former handlers and soldiers who know and appreciate the dogs have written to the Defence Animal Center in Leicester, but top UK Army Chiefs have deemed them unsafe for new homes, and scheduled lethal injections for them next week.

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Experienced handlers have offered to take the dogs, and yet the Army chiefs are refusing to look at any alternative for the canine veterans but euthanasia. One handler has said that people who worked with these dogs are begging to save them, and have started a campaign to do so. Saying that there isn’t anything official but the whim of a commanding officer that decides whether a dog lives or dies is the wrong way to treat these dogs who have given so much.

They vow to go straight to the UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson if they have to so they can save Dazz and Kevin. Kevin and Dazz have been working with trainees at the Defence Animal Center in the last four years since retirement. They are both nine-years-old and former handlers said that they should have gone through a retraining program to see if they could be rehomed.

It seems, however, according to handlers, that the commanding officer has decided that after another dog bit a civilian, a harsh stance on the rehoming of these dogs has occurred and it’s not fair for the dogs.

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Former Special Air Sargeant and novelist Andy McNabb has started an online campaign to save the dogs, saying dogs like Kevin and Dazz have saved his life many times, as well as the lives of others. If you want to help save these heroes and find alternatives that honor their service, you can join that petition as well.

Lori Ennis
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