Jack Meower and Kanye Westie Make 2016’s Wackiest Pet Names List

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Forget Fido and Rover. How about McLoven and Shakespurr? The Wackiest Pet Names of 2016 List is out and guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!

So we’re sure you’ve seen the lists for the top names of baby boys or girls (bet you know a Liam or an Emma!), but did you know there’s a list for the wackiest pet names?

Yep, there is! Nationwide Insurance (we know you’re humming that tune in your head!) has presented its annual list of wacky pet names. The list of names to choose from was compiled from the company’s vast database of insured ‘clients’ (over 575,000!) and then people voted on their favorites to be chosen (from two categories – cat and dog) as the wackiest.

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While names such as Artoo Dogtoo and Brad Kitt were in 2015’s top ten lineup, the competition for the top of 2016 was dominated by adorable English Bulldog McLoven the Stud Muffin and a secret-agent kitty named Jack Meower.

Beating out names such as Kanye Westie and Optimus Prime Rib, McLoven’s human Elizabeth Shikiar of Wilmington, NC, said,”I was watching the movie ‘Superbad’ and I heard the name McLoven. I was already thinking of something along the lines of ‘Stud Muffin’ because he was so cute and then it just all came together with McLoven the Stud Muffin.” McLoven enjoys being the reigning top dog by watching cartoons and taking long walks with his ‘sister’, a cat named “Stormy” because she’d been rescued as a kitten during a storm!

And speaking of being rescued, the winner for top wacky name in the cat category also happens to be a rescued pet! Edging out names such as Butch Catsidy and Meowmadeus, Agent Jack Meower had a beginning in life similar to one of the harrowing situations television character Agent Jack Bower of the television show “24,” has had. His human, Derek Klingel of Stroudsburg, Pa. is a big fan of the show and had always joked with friends that if he ever got a cat, he’d name him Agent Jack Meower. Then, when Derek found a tiny kitten fighting for his life in the snow, television became real life!

“He wasn’t going to make it without medical help so I wrapped him up and took him to the veterinarian,” said Derek. “They were able to save his life and afterwards I took him home.”

True to his word, Klingel decided to adopt the kitten and secret Agent Jack Meower was born. Awwwwww…..

Congratulations to the winners, and to all those who made the list. We’re sure it was an honor to just be nominated, and we enjoyed the creativity and laughs!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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