Jealous Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Share The Love [Video]

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Science has recently proven that dogs get jealous, too (tell us pet parents something we don’t already know!). This Great Dane hilariously shares his displeasure when his owner decides to pay attention to someone other than him.

Is that a temper tantrum we hear? Why yes, we do believe it is!

Dinky the Great Dane was none too pleased when his owner, Ron Cameron, decided to give his brother Ro-Ro some pets and loving instead of him, and boy did Dinky let his dad know it!

Dinky grumbles at Ron as he pets Ro-Ro and tells Dinky to stop being “tired and cranky” and wait his turn, but Dinky is having absolutely none of that. Undeterred, he hops off the couch and edges closer to Ron, hoping to convince him to turn his attention elsewhere. Sorry, Dinky — fat chance.

A peeved Dinky then gives Ron the silent treatment. That usually works, right? Nope, sorry Dinky.

Dinky turns to his human mom, who’s filming the entire episode. “But Mooooooom, Ro-Ro always gets ALL the attention!” his eyes seem to plead as he lets out more plaintive cries.

Poor Dinky. Your turn is coming soon (we promise)!

Check out the video below for a great laugh as you head into the weekend.