Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet d’fart”

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Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor together? I found it on Kickstarter – it’s the Squatting Dog figurine.

From the creative minds of Tobaggan, Inc., Japanese artist Taiki Shimokawa captures a dog’s not-so-private moment for you to put on display in your home. These colorful objets d’fart (Sorry – I couldn’t resist) are make from Sofubi and hand-crafted in Japan. Shimokawa came up with the Squatting Dog because he wanted to something totally unique and would make people smile (mission accomplished!).

kickstarter-squatting-dog-1He came up with the idea of using a squatting Shiba Inu because as a child, Shimokawa thought it was cutest and most touching memory he has of his dog. These Sofubi figurines not only capture an iconic dog pose, but also a nostalgic Japanese craft culture.

What is Sofubi? It’s a soft vinyl that was developed and popular in Japan in the 1960s, and used in molding toy figurines. The material is light and pliable because of the microscopic air holes inside, and comes in a range of bright colors. Japanese Sofubi figurines are manufactured by using a method called slush molding, which allows for amazing detailing.

For $60, you can order a Squatting Dog in neon finish (Kawaii Pink and Kawaii Green) or mat finish (Fujiyama White and Ninja Black. A donation of $100 gets you a limited edition Geisha Gold figurine. Measuring in at 6.3 inches by 9.5 inches, the Squatting Dog will fit perfectly on my bookcase… which I’ve already made space for.

So, I have to admit it – I helped fund this project!  So. Much. Want! It should be at my door – if the project goal is reached – sometime in the spring. The last day to pledge is January 30, 2015. If you want one, be sure to visit the Squatting Dog Kickstarter page before then!