KLM’s Newest Employee Will Make You Want To Lose Your Luggage [Video]

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We all that know that flying can be both stressful and tedious. That stress is amplified 100 times when you realize you’ve left something on the plane. Will you get it back? Just how many hours will you have to spend in different line-ups until you do?

Well, if you’re travelling through Amsterdam Airport Schipol with Dutch airline KLM, you may just want to leave your things behind on purpose.

Before you whack us upside the head and call us crazy, take a peek at the video below.

KLM is well known for their top-notch customer service: they already have employees in Amsterdam’s airport who will hand deliver left behind items to their rightful owners, but now they’ve got a new weapon in their arsenal.

His name is Sherlock (how fitting!) and he’s an adorably helpful beagle.

Sherlock is the newest member of “Team Lost and Found” and it’s his job to reunite people with their lost items (like the little boy and his Woody doll, above — so cute!), and reunite he does.

We don’t know about you, but if leaving your phone on the plane means getting some cuddle time with this considerate canine, we may have to be a little more “forgetful” on our next overseas flight.

Watch Sherlock in action:

UPDATE: It turns out that Sherlock is NOT employed by KLM – the video was just a marketing stunt. Oh well, we can always dream…