Lucky The Dog Tells His Rags-To-Spokes-Dog Story On CBS’ “Lucky Do

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
On the award-winning CBS show “Lucky Dog,” Lucky teaches new pet parents how to create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

Talk about a Cinderella story! Rescue dog Lucky has gone from homeless pooch to celebrity canine as he stars in the Emmy Award-winning “Lucky Dog” show on CBS. In his new found role, Lucky and his adoptive pet parent Kris Kiser, President and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) are on a journey to educate families and dog owners about how to create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

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But how did this rags-to-riches story begin? Well, the Lucky Dog show follows animal trainer Brandon McMillan, who rescues hard-to-love, untrained and unadoptable dogs and turns them into well-mannered pets. At the end of each show, the lucky pooch is adopted by an even luckier family, which turns each episode into an adoption story that warms the heart.

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Enter Kiser and his D.C. area business dedicated to environmentally friendly green spaces. Since adopting Lucky through the show, Kiser has groomed his boy to become the “TurfMutt” spokes-dog for the OPEI Education & Research Foundation. Their TurfMutt environmental stewardship and educational program is geared towards kids in Kindergarten through Grade 5 and to date has reached more than 62 million children, educators and families, showing them how they can “save the planet, one yard at a time.”

The proud pooch papa declares, “Lucky and I are very excited to participate in the “Lucky Dog” television show. I met many families living in California as part of taping the show, and was able to visit their yards and provide tips on how to make a living landscape a home for their new pups.”

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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