Man High on LSD Saves Dog From Imaginary Burning Home

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
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Is he the hero we need? No, but is a story we can laugh about! After saying yes to drugs, a New York man thinks he’s Superman and saves his neighbor’s dog from a fire that’s all in his head.

In a world full of people turning the other way when there’s a need for help, we love stories where neighbors step up to be heroes and save the day.

Yeah, this isn’t one of those stories, though!

Instead, allow us to tell you the plight of Michael Orchard, a Halfmoon, New York man, who, thinking he was being a hero and saving his neighbor’s dog from a fire, fearlessly broke in the house and took the dog to safety.

Except, there was no fire. At all.

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And while that may seem a little far-fetched to believe, that a man would break into his neighbor’s home to rescue their dog from a non-existent fire, once you add that he admitted to adding some LSD to his cough syrup, and was allegedly high (You think?), it makes a little more sense. Or, nonsense.

Orchard told local authorities that his neighbor’s house was on fire and he was worried about their dog. Fearing the dog would be lost in the non-existent flames, he began going around and beating on neighbors’ doors looking for someone to help him rescue the dog.

He was not able to get anyone to help (Mmmm….maybe because they thought he was a bit on the nutty side), and so he took matters into his own hands. He got in his car and drove right through his neighbor’s fence, frantic to save the poor (and probably unknowing) pooch from the peril.

Once he was in the backyard, he ‘braved’ the flames and broke into the house, heroically smashing the glass on the back door and bursting through…finding the dog sitting there, waiting (or thinking, “What the what?”) to be rescued.

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Orchard took the dog, and breathlessly ran out of the fictitious flames, and the state police found him outside, proudly and ‘safely’ clutching the dog.

Thankfully, the dog suffered no injuries (although his mid-day nap was interrupted) and was returned to his owners, who say that this is not the first time that Orchard has damaged neighborhood property.

Orchard was arrested for 2nd degree burglary and 3rd degree criminal mischief, but no drug charges were filed because he was not in possession of any drugs at the time. (Apparently drugs taken before the harrowing rescue don’t count!) He was not able to post bail (shocker) and remains in custody.

Meanwhile, the family says they’re thankful their dog is okay and they will rebuild.

Not really.

We’re guessing they think their neighbor is as wacky as we do!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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