Man Scams Tourists With Dyed Dog He Says is a Panda

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
In a case of, “Guess we actually haven’t seen everything…” a man in Russia is being investigated for defrauding tourists–he charged tourists to take pictures with a dog that he dyed to look like a panda.


I get it. People will try all sorts of stuff, and if they are getting away with it, guess we can’t blame them for trying.

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But really? People honestly think baby pandas are that easily accessible and that random Russian men are walking around benevolently letting people hold and take pictures with them?

Seems so, as police in Sochi, Russia are investigating what locals (and most people with eyes) call a scam–offering tourists an opportunity to hold a baby panda he just happened to have. The officers (not surprisingly) realized that the ‘panda’ was not a panda, but a Chow dog that the man had dyed to look like a baby panda.

Locals, tourists and witnesses (who were smart enough to realize that something was not right) were concerned because the man was walking around with the animal, forcing him to work in temperatures that were as hot as 40C/104F.

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The Russian authorities confirm that they are investigating all the claims, and if it turns out to be a panda (seriously?), he will be charged with illegally obtaining wild animals. Apparently, he also has a kite bird and a ‘lion cub’ that he also charges people to take pictures with.

Yeah. Sure he does. In fact, I believe we have exclusive access to a picture of his costumed ‘lion.’

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Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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