Marc Jacobs’ Trend-Setting Dog Is The New Face Of Sato Project

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
He’s not just another pretty face! Neville Jacobs – Marc Jacobs’ dog – partners with the Sato Project to help abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico.

Though pet parent and fashion icon Marc Jacobs is all about cat-walks and leopard prints, his best bud and fur-kid Bull terrier Neville, has a giving side that sees him playing something akin to a Welcome-Waggin’ for newly arrived rescue pooches to New York City.

You see, Neville has “partnered” with the Sato Project; an organization dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico and in this new role, the celebrity pooch (well he does have over 176,000 on his Instagram account) greets the imports as they arrive to a new life in America.

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No stranger to spreading the charm around, this Bull Terrier isn’t your typical pooch; he’s been known to rub shoulders with top models including Kendall Jenner, Jamie Bochert and Anna Ewers and his famous parentage make him one of fashion’s favorite fur-kids (next to Karl Lagerfeld’s spoiled pussy, Choupette).

It’s no wonder that with all the right connections and just oozing personality, this photographic pooch is the perfect “spokesperson” for the Sato Project. The charity primarily works in a place known as Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico – a place where dogs are dumped and left to die. With no food, fresh water or residents in the area, the doomed dogs’ only source of sustenance and companionship come from the Sato Project team.

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But the volunteers with the organization are committed to doing more than just rescuing dogs from the beach; they want to give each and every pooch a chance for a better life. Their founder has been working to bring change to this dismal stretch of beach for the past eight years and to date has rescued and rehabilitated over 1,400 dogs. The group is working hard to effect systemic change through education and partnerships on the island and in speaking about the pooches they have rescued to date; a spokesperson confirms “After what they have been through, what they have witnessed, we never want them to suffer again.”

In order to raise funds to support their work, Jacobs (designer Marc, not pooch Neville) has designed a t-shirt that will direct profits to the organization. The classic black “ Sato Tee” can be purchased on-line for $65 US and is the perfect gift for your dog-crazy, designer-savvy friends.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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