It Takes a Village to Find a Missing Rescue Dog

An entire village has helped rescue dog Rene get back home to his owner after going missing last week.

Rene belongs to Mara Conetta. Mara does some amazing work as a volunteer. She works with rescue programs that find homes for some of the many feral dogs in Puerto Rico. In August, one of these rescued dogs, Rene, arrived at Logan International Airport and Mara decided that she and her husband could give Rene a good home.

So they bought Rene a collar and took him for his first walk around their driveway. The problem with dogs rescued from Puerto Rico is that they are often very wary and afraid. It was obvious that Rene was a little fearful of entering the house and suddenly, he slipped his collar and disappeared. It was a dark night and they couldn’t see where he’d gone.

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They immediately did what every responsible pet owner does when their pet goes missing. They put up flyers and they contacted missing pet organisations. One of these organisations, Cape Ann Lost Pets, started to share information about Rene online and suddenly there were many reports of Rene having being spotted. It seemed like Rene had been all over town. So many people had seen him, but no one could catch him. As soon as anyone got close, he would run away.

The police even came to set up a trap, baited with food. However, for many days, Rene was too clever to fall for that trick! He visited the trap, but simply ate a few scraps of food he could get to outside the trap, without triggering it! He was caught on camera visiting regularly, so it was decided that they should keep trying. Eventually it paid off, Rene had finally got caught in the trap and could be safely taken home.

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He’s now back home where he belongs, getting the love and attention he needs and deserves. Hopefully his fear will subside and he’ll spend the rest of his life in a happy, loving forever home.

[Source: Gloucester Times]

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