Lady Gaga’s New Clothing Line Is Designed For Your Little Monster

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
From the stage to the red carpet, singer and actor Lady Gaga is setting her sights on fashion with a new clothing line for dogs.

These days Lady Gaga is adding a new skill set to a lengthy resume that already includes words like singer, songwriter, superstar… and now, fashion designer! Yes, we can now call the edgy, risqué performer the Queen of Pup as she throws her talents behind the creation of doggie duds.

It appears Gaga’s French Bulldog Miss Asia Kinney is the catalyst behind this new artistic outlet that will deliver “creative and functional” ways for pooches to build a better bond with their parents. Miss Kinney (Asia, for short) apparently suffers from skin allergies that require special protective fabrics be used in her clothing. The celeb and her team have been working doggedly behind the scenes for more than six months to source and design an outfit line up that will appeal to both pup and Gaga lovers.

While the singer’s manager claims the line is not just about “crazy outfits for dogs” there is no question the tiny togs will showcase Gaga’s theatrical leanings and they appear to be just the beginning. The chameleon-like chanteuse sees an organic, grain-free pet food line and will act as creative visionary and artistic director for a collection of equally chic and fashionable bowls, toys and accessories.

While no launch date has been set, the star has committed that a portion of proceeds will go to smaller, local shelters and associations that may not get the funding provided to larger organizations.

Do you give Lady Gaga’s new venture a paw’s up? Would you outfit your pooch in this canine couture (as long as it’s not made out of prime meat cuts)?

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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