Meet Mango: Ontario’s First Dental Therapy Dog

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Hands up, those who fear the dental chair! From the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I’ve had a healthy fear of drills, needles and that awful six-month check-up. According to Kids Dental Group in Richmond Hill, none of this has changed over the years. Kicking, screaming and crying sessions continue to plague the industry when junior arrives for his bi-annual visit that can include poking, prodding and pain – the difference being that this clinic decided to do something about it.

Enter one Mango. Nope, not the fruit, the black lab!

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Mango is a registered therapy dog who gently welcomes pint-sized patients to the office, accompanying them not only into the examination room but up onto the dental chair where she lays quietly and within the reach of tiny fingers who are looking for comfort. One could say that Mango is “filling” a hole in the world of dental care.

Trained by National Service Dogs, she is Ontario’s first dental therapy dog, working four days a week at the clinic and bringing comfort to kids and parents alike.