Megan Markhle’s Regal Beagle Spotted Riding to the Royal Wedding Wit

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
Talk about rags to riches: from the Kentucky woods to the English royal residence, this pup is living large.

For the last few days, the royal wedding was definitely the trending topic. From Meghan Markle’s dress to the most adorable bridal party ever, we’ve had the opportunity to follow this year’s most influential wedding and enjoy all of the many amazing little details. However, one pawesome little thing seemed to have escaped the notice of the millions of watchful eyes: the bride’s rescue beagle has been spotted riding next to Queen Elizabeth to Windsor ahead of the royal wedding.

A friend kindly alerted me to a very sweet moment we missed yesterday – the Queen travelling with Meghan's beagle guy spotted by the talented Lainey Gossip https://madaboutmeghan.blogspot.con/2018/05/live-blog-day-before-wedding.html

— Mad About Meghan (@MadAboutMeghan) May 18, 2018

While it’s no secret that the Queen loves dogs (she has a royal pack of her own) and having a canine share a ride with her is not an unusual event, it’s something entirely new for Markle’s beagle Guy. Guy is one of the two rescues the Duchess of Sussex adopted- his furry sibling had to remain in custody of close friends as his age prevented him from making a trip over the pond. Although it’s sad that his furry friend, Bogart, wasn’t able to make the trip to the United Kingdom, at least Markle made sure that he’s spending his golden years surrounded by people he knows and loves.

Guy was found as a stray in the woods of Kentucky and was transported to an Ontario organization as his last chance to avoid euthanasia. He was spotted by the former actor and became a part of her family in 2015- the rest is now history.

But riding with the Queen of England is not the only perk this pooch enjoys in his new life. He was one of the VIPs to attend the royal wedding, and, according to the guests, the feisty beagle was in the center of attention. Guy was causing mischief all around the palace and took every chance he got to snarf down on canapes. Talk about a furry fairytale!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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