Much Odd Doge Tourism Video Will Crack You Up (Or Scar You For Life) [

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A new, fluffy doge-inspired musical group is rocking the Akita Prefecture in Japan, and it’s all in the name of tourism. We think… but we’re not sure. See for yourself.

No, you’re not hallucinating. Those are actually Akita pups you see on the bodies of what we assume are Japanese women. And yes, they are barking lyrics like, “Mofu, Mofu, Don’t mind if you touch!” and “Mofu, Mofu, see, now you are addicted!”

And while our brains are sort of, um, reeling, we can’t deny…the tune is catchy and certainly accomplishes the goal–to bring awareness about and eventual tourists to Akita Prefecture towns like Kita Akita, Odate, Kosakamachi and Kamikoanimura. Seriously, if you don’t think a town is worth visiting because of a group of Akitas on human bodies barking out, “Raise Your Paws!” we don’t know that you even know what vacation and a good time means!

The Mofu Mofu motto is that, “Mofu Mofu is aState of fluffy softness and warmth, like the Akita dog,” and the mentality is that if you find that to be true, you’ll want to visit the Akita Prefecture and see for yourself. (Remember, don’t mind if you touch!) Makes perfect tourism sense, right?

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The group’s debut single, “Waiting4U-We’ll Make You Mofu Mofu,” has a video that is subtitled in English and shows various parts of the region to show it’s history and culture. You see that…fluffy Akitas dancing around in dolly-dressed humans and clearly, you’re on the next plane to Tokyo.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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