Mysterious Stranger Leads Family To Find Stolen Service Dog

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
How’s this for a strange story. A mother followed the lead of a mysterious stranger offering to take her to her family’s missing service dog, leading to a joyous reunion in the dark of night.

In a tale that sounds like it’s straight from the movies, an Ohio mother rescued her son’s service dog in the dark of night, responding to a mysterious message from a stranger who gave no details other than where to find the dog.

Jacare Hogan is an Army veteran who suffers from seizures and she has a 13-year-old son, Angelo, who has autism. The mother and son have a pair of mother and son service dogs, two pit bulls named Bowser and Carley. Hogan has had and raised both the dogs since they were puppies and they are inseparable and invaluable to the family.

Angelo’s service dog Bowser suddenly went missing recently, and the family made pleas all through the community to bring Bowser back. Angelo was despondent without his dog, and the family was worried that their very sweet, docile inside dog had been stolen to become part of something ugly like dog fighting. Hogan says that Bowser is a big dog, and people think he’s far more aggressive than he actually is.

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Two days of searching brought no leads, and Hogan just knew he’d been taken. There were still no leads for over a week, and every day, her son would ask if he’d been found. With “No,” being the answer, Angelo would cry himself to sleep. His mother was worried about her dog and her son and just feeling hopeless.

Until she received an anonymous phone call. The man who called said he couldn’t be involved, and didn’t want her to know his name or his face, but asked questions to clarify that the dog was indeed hers. He told her that he knew there had been some ‘work’ done two doors down, and a strange gray truck had been around. When she told him that her dog indeed had been missing since that Saturday, he finally let her know he knew where Bowser was.

Turns out, someone had brought Bowzer to his house, but the man had seen the pleas for help on television and knew that he was Angelo’s. Still under the cover of mysterious anonymity, he set a meet-up at a local gas station with her, and then led her to a house from there. He still didn’t interact, but simply rolled his window down, pointed at the yard and drove off into the night.

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Hogan was shocked to see Bowser there, and she called to him. He jumped right over the fence, got in the car, and said she just wanted to leave. She was worried he’d been taken for dog fighting, and felt confrontation would not be a good idea–she was just happy that her exhausted dog was home. Sadly, he had cuts on his snouts, confirming Hogan’s fears he’d been involved in something nefarious, but her vet said he was none the worse for the wear.

Still, Hogan is outraged and started an investigation to find out what in the world happened, as family service dogs should simply not be stolen never to be seen again. She’s happy that Bowser is with them, but fears for others who may go through this and wants to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

And as for the anonymous stranger who reunited a young boy and his service dog? Well…we’re not saying it’s Batman, but… it was probably Batman.

[Source: Ledger-Enquirer]
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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