A Tearful Reunion After a Tragic Car Accident Brings the Best Tail Wag

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A dog and his human, victims of a drunk driving accident, were recently reunited and the tears and tail wags were epic.

Chance Patterson was driving with his German Shepherd Carlitos and his Pitbull Izzy in East Vail, Colorado in July… on their way home after Patterson had worked a long day and his pups had been at doggie day care. Out of nowhere, a drunk driver hit them, and changed Chance’s life forever.

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He woke up, only wondering where his babies were, and if they were okay. A witness who helped at the scene said that Chance just kept drifting in and out of consciousness, but continually wanted to know about his dogs. Sadly, the witness had to tell Chance that Carlitos was killed, and he didn’t see another dog. Chance begged the helper to go look for Izzy.

In the meantime, Patterson went to the hospital, after being pried out of a crushed car. He had a broken leg, ribs and elbow, and his lungs were lacerated. Frankly, he was lucky to be alive. Still, he was only concerned about Izzy and where she was. His community came out in full force, looking for Izzy. Holly Walthers is the owner of Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging where Izzy and Carlitos spent their days while Chance worked, and she said many saw Izzy near the site of the accident, but no one had been able to catch her. When anyone got close, she’d run and hide.

A few days after the accident, based on information from local cyclists, a spa employee went thinking that Izzy might come for a familiar face. Walthers said that as soon as Izzy saw the employee, she knew immediately she was safe. They made the call to Chance, telling him she’d been found, and he was overwhelmed with emotion.

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About a week later, Chance was released from the hospital, and was reunited with Izzy who only suffered a sprained toe. It’s a miracle she survived, as Chance thought both of his dogs had been taken from him. While Chance was in the hospital, Walthers said Izzy was a trooper who waited patiently until her daddy was ready to come get her.

And boy… when he did… it was clear that Izzy was beyond thankful to have him back. Chance says that Izzy used to be a bit more independent before the crash, with Carlitos being more the one to stay near his side. But not now–Izzy won’t leave him, and we can’t blame her.

Man, who’s cutting onions?

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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