New York Pet Parents Can Rest In Peace With Their Pets

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A new law was recently signed in New York and it lets pets be buried with their owners, allowing both to truly rest in peace.

It’s an additional heartache so many pet parents face after the loss of their furry one. The small wooden box (if they are lucky enough to afford individual creation) with the ashes comes and then? The end.

But now, a new law recently signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will allow New Yorkers to be buried with their pets’ ashes–forever solving the problem of what to do with the boxes of beloved pet remains.

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We all know dogs are family members, and many would like to know their remains are honored just as they would be if human. More and more people want to have their final resting places together with their pets but most states have strict laws that prohibit burials of pets and people together. New York is taking its place in history as it not only reviewed burial laws but gave pet owners options for when their pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Prior to the passing of the law, if pet owners wanted to their final resting places to be with their pets, it could only happen if the human was buried next to his or her pet’s ashes in a pet cemetery. Now, though the legislation only affects non-profit cemeteries and allows religious institutions to opt out of burying humans with pets, pets can be buried with their owners in many human cemeteries across the state.

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More and more, states are seeing the need for pet burial legislative revision (Massachusetts introduced a similar bill for review last year), but there are still few states that explicitly legislate the opportunity and right to be buried with one’s pet as New York just has. Virginia and Pennsylvania have similar laws, while other states like Florida don’t specifically make it illegal to do so, but most ban the practice outright.

Recognizing the important bond between a pet and its human, NY Assemblyman and sponsor of the bill James F. Brennan was glad the bill passed and that the very special family relationship will be honored in his state.

We only hope more states will follow, and truly allow pets and their families to rest in peace, together, forever.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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