Nikon’s Heartography Camera Turns Dogs Into Pup-arazzi [Video]

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Coming soon (fingers crossed) – the Nikon dog-mounted Heartography 3D-printed camera case that snaps pics based on your dog’s heart rate.

A ball thrown across the yard, a chatty squirrel, his favourite treats, the cat’s butt… what gets your little guy’s heart racing and his creative juices flowing?

Well, if iconic photography giant Nikon has its way, it won’t be long before you can see for yourself. Yes, the innovative master of all things digital is busy working on a “heartography” proto-type dog-mounted camera case that will snap those special moments, capturing forever the images that make Rover leap for joy and run around like a lunatic.

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Likely inspired by the number of GoPro videos taken by cameras strapped to the backs of dogs, Nikon may well be on to something with their harness style digital camera.

How does it work? A 3D-printed custom case is strapped around your pooch and is connected to a heart-rate monitor similar to what runners use to track their heartbeat. The case holds a digital camera and when your dog’s heart rate spikes, the case snaps a photo. Voila – an instant pho-dog-rapher (we can’t take credit for that title – it’s coined by Nikon). The idea is when your dog sees something that excites him, his heart rate goes up. That means the things that get your dog’s pulse racing will be captured on camera.

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Well, the Annie Leibovitz’s of the world might argue that point, but I’ll bite… how well do these candid camera shots turn out? According to Nikon, the photos taken by their test dog “aren’t terrible – no worse than a human’s incidental snaps”… awww, even the top dogs at Nikon don’t want to say dogs make lousy photographers!

And we all know our pooch’s heart rates soars by just the thought of a car ride, a walk, a treat… so let’s hope the camera used has loads and loads of storage space.

So will this fun dog accessory ever see the light of day? Apparently it’s still in the development phase and Nikon is keeping mum on whether it will ever make it to production (Nikon, please note that we really, really need this!).

Of course if it does, pet parents will be forced to make the difficult decision of which pictures to keep and which to erase because as with kindergarten artwork, the fridge can only accommodate so artistic talent!

Watch the video below of the Heartography in action!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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