Paby 3G Smart Tracker Keeps Your Pet Safe And Fit!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Paby lets you know where your pet is in real-time, monitors step, calories burned, and lets you use your network data instead of subscription services!

Nowadays, who doesn’t have some sort of step monitor? I mean, my phone even monitors my steps and fitness levels (though I didn’t ask, thank you very much, and do not want to be told to, “Sit less, move more and get some exercise!”). It’s a given that we want to know all we can about our fur-babies too!

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Paby recently shared its new 3G wireless smart tracker. It monitors your pet’s location in real-time thanks to its 3G capability, and also lets you know if Fluffy needs to move less and sit more when you’re not home! It has Wi-Fi capability and can be used as a stand-alone device for giving peace of mind for your pet.

It allows you to set virtual fences within your home or wherever you choose, and when your pet meanders out of her boundaries, you know it before she’s gotten into something she shouldn’t! That’s because this nifty little device (it’s super lightweight!) has a combination of 3G GPS, LBS (Location Based Services) and wi-fi to ensure that your pet’s whereabouts are known at any time you want.

The Paby gives detailed reports on your pet’s step count, calories burned and sleep patterns, as well as how intense he or she is playing when you’re not with them. Paby even customizes this information to give you reports and suggestions for maximizing your pet’s health and welfare based on this data. We warn you: this information may make you rethink that extra biscuit you may be giving here and there!

It comes in lots of fun colors and patterns, but what I particularly love is its durability and waterproof protection. We live in the woods, with a creek that just screams for my dogs to run through it, and a device that doesn’t work because of water damage is just not feasible for us. Not only is the device itself waterproof, but so is the speaker that plays a sound alerting you that you are near your pet if you should be looking. Again, function and form that is important when your pet is missing.

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Most tracking systems of today require a subscription system, and the Paby offers that as an option for monitoring. What sets it apart from many on the market, though, is that a subscription service for monitoring is not required, depending on your cellular network! That’s right…if you are an AT & T or T-Mobile customer, you can use your existing wireless network for tracking purposes, and the free app that gives you all the custom reports alerts and health recommendations.

If you have other pets or friends with other pets, you are in luck, as Paby can accommodate up to 20 pets, and you can share your pet data with other Paby users. This is another neat feature that helps when Fido is lost, as those helping you look are able to receive real-time information as well.

The Paby is now available for $79.99 on their website.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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