Your Pet Could Be Zulily’s Next Spokemodel – Enter the Contest Now

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Online retailer Zulily looks for just the right products for its customers every day. It just released numbers from a recent survey, along with cool contest details.

I won’t lie. I love Zulily. That site has just about everything I never knew I needed and the daily alerts get me into so much trouble with my pocketbook. Then again, not that much because their prices are crazy reasonable.

That’s why, when Zulily sent us info about its new contest, along with survey results about millennial pet owners, we knew we had to pass it along.

First, let’s talk about the contest: Since Zulily knows how important pets are to their families, they are celebrating with a brand new contest to find their next pet model for an upcoming sales campaign. Anyone can enter, simply by uploading a picture of their perfect pet using the hashtag to Instagram or Facebook through February 25. Five finalists will be announced on March 3, and then fans will be allowed to pick their favorite pet for the personalized pet photo shoot in Seattle, Washington!

Second, the survey results: Zulily used a survey conducted by Wakefield Research to look at what U.S. millennial pet owners thought of and wanted for their pets. Over 500 pet owners were invited, and what they found was more confirmation of the belief that Millennials are about as passionate about their pets as any generation has ever been.

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Kerry Gibson-Morris is the Vice President of Merchandising for Zulily and said that based on their survey, for millennials, pets are not just hobbies–they are like ‘starter children,’ and they are looking for even more ways to incorporate their pets into their lives in 2018!

Millenials tend to see their pets as extensions of themselves and family members–indulging them in gifts and finding it hard to leave them as they would with human family members. The research showed that pet owners were all about surprises and gifts that were geared toward their pets, and they’re not just talking about a cute collar or leash! Pet owners are looking at everything from Puppy Hoodies to customized wall art and pet decor, and all things in between!

This is because according to the survey, 42% of pet owners said they’d snuggle with their pets over their human partners if they had to choose, and almost half of respondents (45%) said that when dating a new person, their pet’s approval of the potential significant other was more important than that of human family members’!

Additionally, 65% of millennial pet owners said they’d rather be without their cell phone for a week than their pet (true love there, folks!) and that even when they are only gone for short periods of time, 84% worry about being apart from their pets.

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When it came to work? A whopping 71% of millennial pet parents said they’d rather have a pay cut but bring their pet to work with them every day, some even saying they’d take as much as a 20% pay cut for ‘bring your pet to work’ day every day. More, almost half (44%) have admitted to fibbing about something so they could instead stay at home with their pet!

And while nearly 40% of millennial parents admit that their children are also more excited to see their pets than their moms and dads after being separated, it’s maybe because over half those parents give their pets gifts on a regular (monthly or more!) basis. Much of that product purchase is stuff that shows their pride in being pet owners, from clothing to welcome mats, and just about anything that tells the world they are a proud pet parent.

And, if you’re one of those who loves to give the gifts to the pets? Zulily is featuring a special sales event through February 25 that is full of fun and unique pet products for pet owners and their pampered pets alike!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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