PetGuide’s Best Dog Toy of 2018: Petmate’s Chuckit RingChaser

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We’ve searched high and low and are thrilled to announce the winner of the PetGuide Best Dog Toy of 2018 is the Petmate Chuckit RingChaser!

It’s a grand time here at PetGuide as we’re rolling out the 1st ever PetGuide Best of Awards! We spend our days looking for all the info pet parents need to know, and of course, that includes getting the low-down on the best products, foods, and everything pet there is. We focused on products that were innovative and easy-to-use, as well as life-changing in form and function.

When it came to the Best New Dog Toy of 2018, we have to tell you, it was ruff. We got to play with tons of different and amazing toys at trade shows this year, but we are happy to share that the Petmate Chuckit RingChaser was our winner.

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You may remember that I adopted a sweet puppy when I was at Global Pet Expo 2017, and so wherever I go researching the best stuff for pets, I have to admit, I look for things for her. What I was hoping to find was a durable toy (she’s a fantastic chewer!) that would be something my little boy and I could play with just as easily and keep Lilly’s mind and body stimulated.

This spring, I came across several awesome products, but the Petmate Chuckit RingChaser was the perfect pick. While we have loads and loads of Chuckit balls and launchers, we love that the RingChaser has a nice long handle that easily picks up the ring in a similar fashion that the Chuckit Ball launcher does. I love how easy it is to flick the launcher of the RingChaser to send it flying, and dogs love the uniqueness that comes with the ring rolling along the ground (as opposed to flying through the air). My dog goes nuts over squirrels and their speeds, and that is what is so appealing about the RingChaser…it engages a dog’s natural chase instinct in a way that allows you to interact and play with your pup!

And if your dog is a swimmer, it’s great for the water too because it floats. The surface area of the ring makes it easier for dogs to grab out of the water without taking in extra water, and the bright and colorful telltale colors of Chuckit are easy for Fidos everywhere to find.

What we love best about it though is that it’s reasonably priced when it comes to dog toys but seems like a new toy almost every time you use it because it is designed to bounce and zig-zag erratically. The aerodynamic design of the ring gives a familiarity to dogs for chasing, but different chase patterns every time you ‘fling it,’ and dogs can’t get enough of it.

If we’re honest, neither can we because it’s so much fun to watch our dog continually retrieve and beg for more! The rolls around the ground really do mimic prey like a rabbit or squirrel along the ground and they love it.

Affordably priced, durably made, super fun to play with and watch–the Petmate Chuckit RingChaser was an easy pick to be the Best Dog Toy of 2018!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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