Unexpected Romance Blooms at Global Pet Expo

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo is known for showing the most innovative pet products on the market. And out of all the cool gadgets I could have fallen in love with, I made a connection of a furry kind.

A surefire way to get people into your booth at Global Pet Expo is exhibiting adorable puppies and kittens – no one can resist the cute. It worked on me… man, did it ever!

On the first morning, I walked past the Carlson Pet Products booth, well known makers of crates and playpens for your furbabies. Geniuses that they were, they had coffee, donuts and PUPPIES!

The puppies were rescues with The Pixel Fund, and I fell in love with the cutest little nibbler named Pepper Bunny. We’ve been talking about a puppy for a while, but my sweet old golden Dixie’s cancer situation has made us somewhat unsure. When I saw this sweet thing, though, I swooned. I called my vet and husband (in that order), and before I knew it? I had put the application in and was planning to bring her home on Friday!

That day, I told my husband that I’d certainly not come prepared to return with a puppy, and I’d need to go to Petco that evening when the conference was over. He thought I was nuts–I mean, I was at the best place in the world to find the best products ever! So, I began the search to prepare that sweet thing to come home with me and surprise my son (best mom EVER!).

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Have I mentioned how great my job is???

My biggest need was obviously a carrier for the puppy. I was only about a two hour drive from home, but she definitely needed some to keep her safe to travel with me. The folks at WorldWise generously hooked my sweet new girl up with a beautiful Sherpa Deluxe Carrier. It was perfect for the princess, and she was able to ride back in style and comfort!

I obviously needed a collar and leash for her first road trip and the tiny, adorable pink bone Hamilton collar by MiracleCorp Pet Care was clearly made for her. I also found the.softest.microfiber leashes by Dogline and she was set to walk the floor with me.

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Walking through and learning about so many different products, I was also able to check out Multipet’s awesome new AromaDog. Since my baby is only ten weeks, they thought she’d need a lovie to keep her company and they were right! The elephant lovie releases a lovely whoof of therapeutic grade lavender every time she presses the internal squeaker. Genius!

And while on the subject of toys, I found puppy-proof toys in Hyper-Pet’s PetLogi x line. The Lil’ Barks cuddles and chew toys they sent me with have kept this little ankle-biter of mine busy and satisfied–no small feat!

Though my sweet fluff has been crate trained in her foster home, I wasn’t sure how she’d do on the ride back, so the nicest gal ever from D&R Puppy Pads gave me several soft, absorbent and adorable puppy pads to put in her carrier, as a just-in-case-for the ride back. The designs were beautiful, and put my mind at ease!

As fate would have it, I was talking with the gang at Merrick when the foster organizer for rescue called to finalize things, and they excitedly sent me with their Backcountry treats for my ‘big-sister’ golden and their Power Bites for the baby. Those things are like dog crack, let me tell you! That said, my little smarty has already learned ‘sit’ in just a day, and I’ve no doubt those treats are responsible!

Carlson offered to send us home with a crate since we adopted from their event, but I knew I had one of their amazing crates already at my house and suggested they donate that crate to The Pixel Fund. They graciously and generously accepted that suggestion! I bundled the little miss up, told my favorite booth, “Thank you!” and the pup formerly known as “Pepper” started on her way to surprise the heck out of my little boy!

What.A.Week! I learned and saw so much that I’m still unwrapping and will be sharing my ‘Best In Show’ product tomorrow, but think it’s completely fair to say that Lilly wins as the best take home swag! I mean, I may be crazy, but is there any better crazy than over a puppy? (Crazy cat people need not answer!)

I’ve set the bar pretty high for next year’s Global Pet Expo. I wonder what I’ll bring home in 2018…

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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