Pittie Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Once again, the heroic actions of a family’s pit bull lend proof to the concept that you can’t judge a dog by its looks…or breed.

Ruby is a three-year-old trained therapy dog, and though she is not a big barker, it was her voice that saved the lives of her family last week.

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The pit bull’s owners Ronene Ando and Christopher Hall had a propane heater in their house, and had no idea that they were in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to them, Ruby only really barks for one reason, when someone is at the door, and that night, no one was.

Still, she wouldn’t stop whining, and they didn’t know why. After about an hour, they figured that something had to be going on, and they looked around the house. Ando went downstairs, and he said he smelled the gas from the propane heater they had coming from the garage. Ruby apparently had too and was trying to warn them that they were in danger.

Thankfully, Ando said they finally understood her warning and were saved.

Ironically, though Ruby is trained through the SPCA collaboration with Paws For Love, she is not trained to detect danger like that, or to warn her owners of situations with smells as she did. She simply used her super sniffer and her love for her owners and combined that with her intuition to pressure them into checking the house out.

Ando is a pit bull advocate and he wants to share her story to show that these dogs who so often get a bad reputation do so for no reason. Pitties are known to be extremely protective of their families, and if trained well and given exercise are amazing dogs.

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As for Ruby? She’s just happy her owners listened, and enjoyed the venison roast she had for a reward dinner. Ando said she also got treated to an ice cream cone from McDonald’s, but most enjoyed the pets from her humans.

Good job, Ruby girl! Good job!

Lori Ennis
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