Why Did This UPS Driver Adopt a Giant Pit Bull?

Life is better with a dog, but this UPS driver had a REALLY good reason to adopt Leo… his mom passed away.

This is a sad story, but bear with me, as it does have a happy ending. Katie Newhouser is a driver for UPS. On her rounds she meets a lot of dogs. As a dog lover, Katie tends to make a fuss of the canines she meets while out delivering. But, there was one dog that seemed to be extra fond of her. When she delivered parcels to Leo’s mom Tina in their apartment block, Leo would always jump into the truck with Katie to say hello.

But things were soon to change…

Last year Katie took a vacation. After her time off she returned to work, refreshed, and looking forward to seeing Leo again. The next time she delivered a parcel to Tina, she noticed her son was loading all the furniture from the apartment into a van. Katie thought Tina must be moving. She wasn’t really surprised as other residents in the apartment block had been complaining about Leo. Being a Pit Bull he was pretty misunderstood. However, it turned out that Tina wasn’t moving. Sadly, Tina had recently passed away.

Katie to the rescue!

Tina’s son was in the Marines, so there was no way he could take on Leo. Katie was determined to make sure that Leo had a happy future and decided to foster him. At least until Tina’s son could have him. But once Leo arrived at Katie’s home, it was clear that he wasn’t going anywhere. He settled right in and become the best of friends with Katie’s own dog Moose, a Labrador cross. He also got on well with Katie’s other pets, a terrier and two cats. So it was decided that Leo should stay and become a proper member of the family.

At first he would get a little upset at times, especially at night. Katie think that this was because he was missing Tina. So Katie made sure that Leo got all the cuddles and love he needed.

The Happy Ending

Until Katie owned Leo, she had never totally realised how misjudged Pit Bulls are and now she spreads the word about just how loving and affectionate they really are. Leo certainly is the poster boy for Pit Bulls, hopefully people who read his story will give Pit Bulls a chance in future!

Emily Hutchinson
Emily Hutchinson

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