Saint Bernard Breaks Guinness Record With World’s Longest Tongue [Vi

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a new dog in the Guinness World Records books, and it’s a Saint Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who now holds the record for having the longest tongue!

Who doesn’t love a Saint Bernard? There’s something about their faces that just screams, “Love me! I love you!”

That’s particularly true for an eight-year-old Saint Bernard from South Dakota, Mochi “Mo” Rickert–she’s one gorgeous love bug.

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And now, she’s also the Guinness World Record holder for having the longest tongue in a living, measuring in at a pretty impressive 7.31 inches long! The dog who holds the record for the longest tongue ever was a Boxer named Brandy who died in 2002. Brandy’s tongue was officially measured at 1′ 5″ long!

Mochi’s Mama Carla Rickert says that people stop them all the time looking to have a picture taken with the drool master, and she’s happy to oblige with her joyful personality. Rickert says that though they knew Mochi’s tongue was long, they are still in disbelief that they are record holders.

As for Mochi, Rickert says she hasn’t had much to say about it, maintaining a humility we’d expect of such a noble breed. She believes that Mochi is pleased as punch, though, and they are proud of her record!

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Mochi is a rescue, adopted six years ago, and she loves to dress up in costumes and have her picture taken. She indulges in the yummy sweet potato whenever she can, and puts her family first in all things. And though Mochi is resilient and happy-go-lucky, she does have some challenges because of her record breaker in breathing and picking things up from the floor.

Still, Rickert says she loves making people smile, and she certainly does so in her Guinness video! Congratulations Mochi!

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