Sancho Paws Is Coming To Town… In a VW Van!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Therapy dogs bring comfort to patients, and they are really needed during the holidays. One special therapy dog in California got all dolled up to deck the halls in a cool VW van.

Therapy pets are staples at many healthcare facilities across the country. The science behind the comfort and support therapy pets bring grows regularly, and let’s be honest–who doesn’t love sloppy puppy kisses? Patients find them to be perfect for snuggles and love during rough times in their treatment.

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The San Gabriel Valley Medical Center in California has a pet therapy program with two dogs, who of course have their own, official hospital ID badges. Sancho is one unique pup who brings cheer to patients as he zooms up and down the hallways on each floor, looking for those with whom he and his owner can love on.

The holidays are often an even tougher time to be dealing with medical issues, and Sancho has stepped up his game. He’s now flying through the halls in his merrily decked out Volkswagen Van, dressed in a jolly outfit and delighting all the patients who get to see him. Twitter user Juliee’s mother works at the center, and caught a couple of pictures of a glee-filled Sancho. She sent it them Juliee, who tweeted them out and instantly filled the internet with adorable.

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Juliee said she was glad to be able to bring some smiles to the Internet, as people can’t help but smile at the sweet and silly pooch, and we agree–those candy cane antlers and that big old smile on Sancho’s face? We can’t even.

Good Job, Sancho! You are definitely on the nice list this year, and we know the patients to whom you give happiness and support love you so so so!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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