Scottish Women Knit Sweaters To Help Adopters Overcome Black Dog Syndrome

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Have you ever heard of Black Dog Syndrome? Basically, darker-colored dogs have lower odds of being adopted from shelters. Often, they spend months waiting for someone to bring them home.

A group of talented knitters from the Scottish Women’s Institutes (SWI) have taken up the cause, and vow to brighten up their local shelters. They skipped tea and went to the Scottish SPCA to ask if they could knit ‘coats of many colors’ for the dogs. Of course, they got the Och aye and got to work!

Women with scottish institute are helping black dogs get adopted

SWI national chairwoman Christine Hutton says that her members have been encouraged to take up their knitting needles to help homeless pups. The women find it sad that a dog may not be as appealing because of the color of their coat. Their beautiful, hand-knitted technicolor coats will not only help the dogs stand out, but help dogs find their forever homes quicker.

Scottish shelter dogs sport coats made by the Women's Institute to help them get adopted

Often, dark dogs don’t photograph for adoption pictures well, simply due to contrast with backgrounds. This means potential adopters miss out on some of the features that make dark dogs oh-so-adorable. The knitted sweaters take care of that–not only are gorgeous, but showcase the pride the dogs have in wearing them.

Women with the Scottish Women's Institute are knitting sweaters to help dogs get adopted

Well done ladies! Have a cuppa on us!